Nomination Form

ApHC Hall of Fame Award for Horses

Candidates for this award may be nominated by ApHC members.  The candidate must have had great and favorable impact on the Appaloosa industry, received breeding, regional and national distinction, or have rendered outstanding performance.  Candidates need not be deceased, however, must be retired from the show and racing circuit.

Procedure and Presentation of Award

Nominations will be submitted to the ApHC.  Inductees into the Appaloosa Hall of Fame will be chosen by the Board of Directors.  The recipient will then be honored at the annual awards banquet.  An engraved plaque with a photograph and a biography of each Hall of Fame inductee will be placed on permanent display at the Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center and will be awarded to the owner of the inductee.

Nomination Application

Please use this application to nominate an Appaloosa horse that has contributed to the Appaloosa Horse Club or Appaloosa industry through breeding, showing, racing, distance riding or other achievements.  To assist the Board of Directors in evaluating the candidates, please provide as much detailed information as possible.  Include significant historical data, owner/trainer information and any other pertinent data.  A maximum of four additional sheets of supporting information may be attached.  Only a TOTAL of six pages, that include the nomination form, may be sent in.   Please keep nominations confidential.

I nominate  PATCHY JR. registration # F1380  for induction into the Hall of Fame.  My reasons are as follows:

1. General benefit to the Appaloosa Horse Club and/or the Appaloosa industry:

Patchy Jr. F1380, son of HOF stallion, Patchy F416, and grandson of HOF stallion, Sundance F500, was a multi champion in Halter and Performance. His get have followed in his footsteps and his descendents can be found winning on the track and in shows worldwide.  

Patchy Jr. F1380 was bred, owned and campaigned by Aphc Director Ben Johnson of Colorado. Patchy Jr. was noted for his versatility, athletic ability, disposition and color, all of which continue to be passed down through his many descendants that have, and are continuing to impact the Appaloosa breed, both in the US as well as internationally.

Patchy Jr. was a National Champion Appaloosa,  a son of Hall of Fame stallion and National Champion, Patchy F416, and a grandson of Hall of Fame stallion, Sundance F500, as well as half brother to National Champion, Freel’s Chico F715. Patchy Jr. has made a great impact on the Appaloosa industry in the Aphc, ApHCC, and other international affiliates, with his name being found in the pedigrees of halter, performance and race horses, from  the 1950’s until present day.

Patchy Jr. and many of his get competed in both open shows and races, before the National Point System was established. Patchy Jr. is the progenitor of a long line of performance horses with special strengths for activities requiring speed and agility.  The bloodlines of this horse can be found through hundreds of pages in the Appaloosa News and Appaloosa Journal issues. His daughter, Patchy Jr.’s Lila Gleska, an Aphc and ApHCC registered mare, is quite prominent, in articles “An Appaloosa Friend Remembered” by Joe Warren in the October 1997 issue of the Appaloosa Journal, and the article “Lila Gleska Means Many Spots” by Joe Warren in the July 1973 Appaloosa News.

The Patchy Jr. family is widespread, and his influence on the growth of both the Aphc and ApHCC has been great. Patchy Jr. and his memory have been and continues to be an ambassador for the Appaloosa breed worldwide. Patchy Jr. introduced noted horseman, Dr. DeBelle, of Caen, France, to the disposition and versatility of the Appaloosa breed decades ago. Patchy Jr. descendants have earned honors across the sea – Spectin Snow won the 1987 French National Show and the European Appaloosa Show in Italy, while Reiner Snow placed second at the International Horse Fair in Italy.

Closer to home, the ApHCC has been greatly influenced by the blood of Patchy Jr. –

Warren’s Drifting Drums was a multiple halter winner, as well as Grand or Reserve Halter stallion in both Canada and the US;  Warren’s Bobby Jo and Banks Spirit O 76, both Halter Champions in Canada; Boomer’s Image was an ApHCC National Champion open stock horse and also earned an Aphc National Championship in Jr. English Pleasure saddle seat, and World Champion in Jr. western pleasure;  Patchy Jr.’s Lila Gleska, an Aphc & ApHCC National Champion is perhaps the most well known Patchy Jr. descendent in Canada;  G.A.’s Sundance Image, another Patchy Jr. descendent, greeted thousands of Appaloosa fans from the cover of the March 1981 Appaloosa News. Another descendant, Patchy Sun (May/June 2002 Sundance Newsletter)  was exported to Hawaii to start a breeding program there. Grandaughter Brindabella’s Priscilla was featured in Al Vemeer’s comit strip “Priscilla’s Pop” in several issue of the Appaloosa News.

Patchy Jr has also made his name know on the racing side of the industry, with several notable runners, from earlier decades right up until today. Patchy Jr. was listed in the June 1972 Appaloosa News Leading Race Sire List, having sired 7 starters and 2 winners.  Early descendents such as Patchy Jr.’s Yampah and Mail Pouch right through until today’s notables, like Pristine Rose (SW, ROM), Jac To A King (SW) and Cash Blues (June 1988 Appaloosa Journal), continue to carry the bloodline of Patchy Jr. around the track.

2.  List any achievements earned at the National Appaloosa Horse Show or World Championship Appaloosa Horse Show:

1953 Nat’l Ch yearling colt, 1954 Nat’l Ch 2 yo colt, 1954 Nat’l Res. Gr Ch Stallion, 1955 Nat’l Ch 3 yo colt, 1955 Nat’l Gr Ch Stallion, 1957 Nat’l Ch Trail, 1958 Nat’l Ch Matched Pairs, 1960 Nat’l Premier Sire of Performance Horses, 1964, Nat’l Ch Get of Sire.

3.  List any other awards/recognition/performance or any other outstanding accomplishments:

Gr Ch Performance Horse – Four Corners Aphc & Utah Aphc regionals. Champion of Champions – Colorado State Fair & Grand Junction Horse Show Assn.  Multiple winner in open reining & western pleasure classes.  Ladies Western Pleasure winner – 1963 Golden Spike National Livestock show-Utah. July 1955 MPAphc Show – Champion 3 yo stallion & Res. Gr. Champion stallion. Multiple winner in English Pleasure, Costume, Camas Prairie Stump Race & Stakes. 1954 Bear Step Katouche winner.

4.  Publications/articles this horse appeared in (please enclose copies of possible):

1. Spotted Pride by Frank Holmes, p60-69,  full chapter (Tab 1)
2. Appaloosa News June 1979 Article – Patchy, Jr. F-1380 by Wayne Schwindt (Tab 2)
3. Appaloosa Journal October 1990 -  “Canada’s Best” by Syd Wyatt (Tab 3)
4. Sundance 500 International Newsletter Part 1 of a 5 Part Article on Shavano July 2001 – April 2002  (Tab 4)
5. Production Sale Book July 25, 1969 (Tab 5)
6. Survey of National Champions – October 1969 (Tab 6)
7. Appaloosa News October 1969 – 1st & last page of “Looking At the ‘Top 12’” by Sue Pabst (Tab 7)
8. Sundance 500 Newsletter May/June 2002  (Tab 8)
9. World Playoff Winners 1961-1973
10. Appaloosa News February 1966 ad on P 32.
11. Appaloosa News Sept. 1968, page 28 Patchy Jr. Foal
12. Appaloosa Racing & Performance Records 1969;
13. Appaloosa News, June 1972 Leading Race Sires List
14. The Referee-National Appaloosa Shows 1948-1973
15.  Appaloosa News, June 1974 List of National Show Winners
16. Appaloosa Champions 1948-1976
17. Appaloosa News, June 1978 p 34-36, article “Patchy Jr. F1380” by J.Wayne Schwindt
18. Appaloosa News, February 1985, article “Ben Johnson ‘Rebel With A Cause’ “ by Darrell Dodds
19. The Complete Book of the Appaloosa by Jan Haddle, p40, 61-63, 79, 82, 83, 85, 125, 134, 154
20. The American Appaloosa Anthology by Palmer Wagner  p 564, 565, 567
21. The Appaloosa Breed Characteristics and Registration Requirements by R.E. Hawkins
22. The Legacy of the Nez Perce Spotted Horse by Charles Cole, p47 and 48
23. Appaloosa Horse Club Stud Book and Registry Volume 3 List of National Champions

5.  List outstanding get or produce and their accomplishments (if stallion or mare):

Ladyfinger -1969 Nat’l Ch Jr. Reining,  AHSA 5th place Stock Horse, open competition
Nationwide in 1965 - dam of 1971 Nat’l Ch Hackamore Reining horse, Captain Jack B
Patchy Jr’s Mi Ta Inga - 1960 Nat’l Ch yearling filly, APHCC Nat’l Ch Halter
Patchy Jr’s Lila Gleska - 1964 Nat’l Ch aged stallion & Nat’l Gr Ch stallion,
ApHCC Hall of Fame Inductee
Patchy Jr’s Thunderbird - 4 time Champion Stock Horse – Redwood Empire Shows
Patchy Jr’s Royalty - 1969 Utah Aphc Res. Ch Performance Horse, won calf roping,
steer daubing, turnback race & placed in Sr. Reining, Sr. Stakes & Sr. Cutting
at the Spanish Fork Show, Regional Halter Champion.
Swan Lake Patchy – Regional Club Halter Champion
Patchy Jr.’s Yampah – Regional Club Halter Champion, 2 yo Futurity Winner 350 yds.
1964 Flagstaff, AZ
Patchy Jr.’s Baldy – Grand Champion Halter & Performance
Lady Sundance – Four Corners Aphc High Point Halter Horse
Patchy Jr.’s Smokey – Halter winner Dam of: Apache Koo Bay – Four Corners Aphc Res.
Ch Performance Horse 1966, competed in 1966 World Wide Playoffs, Certificate of Excellence Earner
Happiness Is – Regional Halter Champion, race winner holding a track record for ¼ mile in Colorado
Patchy Jr.’s Mokena  - Regional Halter Champion Sire of:  Mokena’s Patchy –
1964 Nattional Champion Hackamore Reining H.C. Geronimo – North Dakota State Champion,
Halter, Get of Sire and Performance. ND High Point Halter and Performance Horse
Warren’s Red Dog – Regional Halter Champion, Res. Nat’l Ch Get of Sire
Patchy Yamini – Gr Ch Halter and Performance, sired a National Halter Champion,
a National Race Meet Winner at 660 yards, a National Champion English Pleasure horse,
and a National Grand Champion Performance Gelding
Patchy Jr.’s Happy Heart – West Coast Halter and performance winner and noted color sire
Shavano – Indiana 3 time High Point Performance Horse and Appaloosa Trail Champion.
Michigan State High Point Performance Horse, Illinois Res.  High Point Performance Horse,
Multiple Gr championships  in Halter, Multiple Get of Sire winner, Multiple High Point
Champion.   Sire of:  stakes winners, champion runners, Bronze Medallion Winner,
World Ch Rope Race, Race Winners and track record holder
Wambli Jo Hi
Bearpaw’s Seroka
Patchy Bonanza
Patchy Topa Too
Youkins Drummer Boy
Weather Vain BB– All Regional Halter Champions
Cherokee Iron Silk – Multiple Jr. & Sr. Grand Champion in Halter, & multiple winner in Western Pleasure
Thita Me Patchy – National Placed in Halter
Patchy Cinco’s Double Cross – Two Time World Qualifier in Halter
Miss  Color Girl –  Silver Medallion Winner Competitive Distance
Med-O- Rogue –  Bronze Production Earner, Bronze Medallion Winner Distance
Patchy Yamini’s Frosty Frida – Western Pleasure Champion
7th Sunset – Western & English Pleasure Champion
Patchy Miss – Gymkhana Champion
Steelheart – National Champion buckboard driving, GEAR Champion #183,
and Medallion Winner
Fanny Fourmile – Regional Champion in Trail, Aged Mares & Jr. Western Pleasure
Cowboy Patchy – Race Winner, SW, AAA & Record Holder, sired a World Champion in
Camas Prairie Stumps,
Warren’s War Dance – a 1995 Top Trail (Distance) sire of two Medallion Winning get
Patchy Patchy –Regional High Point Halter stallion, multiple winner in Western Pleasure, race starter
and race placed (beat My Ole Still twice)
Mokena’s Patchy – Regional Champion in Reining & Performance, multiple winner in roping, reining
and barrels
Dust ‘Em – February 1988 Appaloosa News Race Champion

6.  Other significant and pertinent history:

Patchy Jr. F1380 was foaled July 1952.  He was bred and owned by Ben and Dorothy Johnson, then of Fruita, and later Grand Junction, Colorado. The Johnsons are listed among the early members of Aphc, as well as “owners of Living Appaloosa horses” in Volume 3 of the Aphc Stud Book and Registry.  Ben Johnson served as a Director of the Aphc for 33 years, was several times an Officer of the club, and is an Inductee to the Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame.

Patchy Jr. was shown and raced before the Aphc Show and Race systems were developed and put into use. As a 10 year old, he finished 3rd in the All Breed Race Meet (COL), after known race Appaloosas Dawndee and Frae.  Patchy Jr., used as ranch horse, lays claim to winning over 30 Halter and performance Championships, and  won over 200 trophies and ribbons – this at a time when traveling to shows was distant and difficult.

The Patchy Jr. bloodline was prominent in featured ads in the Appaloosa News called “Stairway to The Stars”, and participated in stallion service auctions throughout the US, including the Southeastern Minnesota Appaloosa Breeders Assn. and the Sundance 500 Stallion Service Auction

Patchy Jr.’s sons, daughters and descendents have continued to add their own impressive records in the show rings and race tracks, in the Aphc, ApHCC and CRHA legions. Covering every area of equine achievement, the Patchy Jr. family exemplifies the best traits of the Appaloosa – versatility, athleticism, disposition and color.

7.  Additional data and/or comments:

Patchy Jr. descendents have accumulated an impressive and varied list of accomplishments throughout the breed’s history and growth, whether in actual activities such as halter, performance and racing, on local, State, Regional, National or International levels, as well as by production.

The Patchy Jr. bloodline has been found in many well known Appaloosa breeding and show programs, as well as trainers, throughout the decades of breed growth and popularity…..Ralph Cannon (Sun Appaloosas); Ben Johnson (past Aphc Director & 1988 Hall of Fame inductee); Kyloe Ranch, Pine Forest Appaloosa Ranch, Dell-My-Acres, Joe Warren of Canada (1989 Hall of Fame Inductee); Vernon Mearkle, Richard Southern, Wyalta Appaloosas (Canada), Dr. & Mrs. C. Norman Shealy’s Brindabella Farms, Ed & Helen Weber’s Money Creek Ranch, Peone Appaloosa Horse Ranch, Youkins Appaloosas, Illingdale Farms, Q-B Appaloosas, Cerry’s Appaloosas, Evan Runion, Maryann Fox, W.F. Moster, Dr. Cecil Evans, Laura Boggio Brest (1995 Hall of Fame Inductee), Monte Foremean, Dr. John White (1996 Racing Hall of Fame Inductee) and Chuck Hall, to name some.