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Pictures of Patchy & Patchy's Get

"Spotted Pride" by Frank Holmes, p. 60-69, Full Chapter
Pages 60-63
Pages 64-66
Pages 68-69

Appaloosa News June 1979 Article
Patchy, Jr. F-1380 by Wayne Schwindt

Appaloosa Journal October 1990
"Canada's Best" by Syd Wyatt

Sundance 500 International Newsletter
Part I of a 5 Part Article on Shavano
July 2001 - April 2002

Production Sale Book
July 25, 1969

Survey of National Champions
October 1969

Appalosa News October 1969
1st & last page of "Looking at the 'Top 12'"
by Sue Pabst

Sundance 500 Newsletter
Article on Patchy Sun #39620
May/June 2003