BAMBI E F-2497

Nomination Form

ApHC Hall of Fame Award for Horses

Candidates for this award may be nominated by ApHC members.  The candidate must have had great and favorable impact on the Appaloosa industry, received breeding, regional and national distinction, or have rendered outstanding performance.  Candidates need not be deceased, however, must be retired from the show and racing circuit.

Procedure and Presentation of Award

Nominations will be submitted to the ApHC.  Inductees into the Appaloosa Hall of Fame will be chosen by the Board of Directors.  The recipient will then be honored at the annual awards banquet.  An engraved plaque with a photograph and a biography of each Hall of Fame inductee will be placed on permanent display at the Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center and will be awarded to the owner of the inductee.

Nomination Application

Please use this application to nominate an Appaloosa horse that has contributed to the Appaloosa Horse Club or Appaloosa industry through breeding, showing, racing, distance riding or other achievements.  To assist the Board of Directors in evaluating the candidates, please provide as much detailed information as possible.  Include significant historical data, owner/trainer information and any other pertinent data.  A maximum of four additional sheets of supporting information may be attached.  Only a TOTAL of six pages, that include the nomination form, may be sent in.   Please keep nominations confidential.

I nominate BAMBI E registration #F2497 for induction into the Hall of Fame.  My reasons are as follows:

1.  General benefit to the Appaloosa Horse Club and/or the Appaloosa industry:

- The bay leopard stallion, Bambi E.  F2497 [T540], can be considered not only an icon, but also an ambassador of the Appaloosa breed. Foaled May 14, 1954 , he was bred by P.S. (Doc) Edwards, a name synonymous with the world famous Sundance bloodline. Owned by ApHC Hall of Fame member Lee Warne (inducted 2002), Bambi E, a grandson of the Hall of Fame stallion Sundance F500, was the originator of the “Sully” line, named for Sully County in South Dakota where Warne‘s ranch is located. He and his descendants have made color, athletic ability and versatility sought after traits in the Appaloosa breed, and helped to spread those desirable traits nationally and internationally. From the ranges of South Dakota to the 1981 Inaugural Parade for the 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan, the Bambi E. line has brought Appaloosa color and versatility to the forefront throughout the United States, including Hawaii, as well as internationally to Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, and Cyprus. Bambi E. has made a tangible influence  on the overall Appaloosa industry, whether in halter, performance or breeding, starting with the ApHC and traversing to the ApHCC, other ApHC affiliates, other Appaloosa organizations like ICAA, FAHR, CRHA, et. al., and even into the Pony of the Americas (POA) breed, through the long standing Santee program of ApHC Director Gene Carr.

Bambi E. and his progeny have made a name for color and versatility in many Appaloosa Regionals, as well as open riding clubs for decades, throughout the United States. Greater Eastern Appaloosa Regional, Center of the Nation, Keystone Appaloosa Club, GSAA, Pennsylvania  Appaloosa Assn., Sioux Empire Breeders Assn., Western Reserve, Ozark Appaloosa Club, Great Lakes ApHC, GWAR, Corner Pocket ApHC, PEAC, Red River Valley Inc. Appaloosa Horse Club, Missouri River Valley Appaloosa Assn., Wissota Regional, IEAC, Tennessee Valley ApHC, South Carolina Appaloosa Horse Assn., ION, North Western Appaloosa Regional, Michigan Appaloosa Horse Assn., Southern Wisconsin Appaloosa Assn., Blackhawk Appaloosa Assn., Sooner ApHC, Mid-CON, North Central Wisconsin Horseman’s Assn., Central Indiana Appaloosa Inc., the National Western Stock Show, and others  have all handed out ribbons and/or trophies to Bambi E. descendants from the 1960s until present day.

In a statement made by Lee Warne, for the April 1991 Western Horseman magazine, Warne says “we started with the gret old Bambi E. F2497 in 1957. He sired nearly 200 registered foals and many more colorful geldings that we used but never registered in our ranching operation. Bambi E.’s color is still used as an example of the true leopard color pattern some thirty years later.”

2.  List any achievements earned at the National Appaloosa Horse Show or World Championship Appaloosa Horse Show:

BAMBI E never competed in a National or World Championship Appaloosa Show.  He did sire a two time National Champion, Sully B (working stock horse and junior cutting), and another National Champion, Sully’s Nugget (stakes race).

3.List any other awards/recognition/performance or any other outstanding accomplishments

Winner of 11 out of 13 major show get of sire classes; 1st in get of sire in June 1963 Center of the Nation Show; Placed 2nd in get of sire in May 1965 Sioux Nations Appaloosa Show; 1961 Center of National ApHC High Point Halter Stallion; 1961 Center of the Nation ApHC Overall High Point Performance Stallion, 1st open reining – Nebraska; 1st open reining – Rage Days Celebration South Dakota; 1968 Center of the National ApHC Get of Sire Champion
4.Publications/articles this horse appeared in (please enclose copies of possible):

The Referee - National Appaloosa Horse Shows 1948-1973/World Championship Playoff Winners 1961-1973.…. Bambi E listed in “Sires of National Show and Playoff Winners 1948-1973 (sire of Sully B, 2 time National Champion); The Complete Book of the Appaloosa by Jan Haddle; “Leopard Spots” Chapter, pp 237-239; The Complete Appaloosa Horse, Revised Edition by Jan Haddle, “Leopard Spots” Chapter; Appaloosa News, May 1966, pages 6-7  “Lee Warne’s Bambi E.-- A Horse to Build a Dream On” by Gene Carr; Appaloosa News, November 1966, page 45  Bambi E. was a featured letterhead in “Appaloosa Letterheads” for breed promotion; Appaloosa News, September 1966, page 28, advertisement for Warne’s Appaloosa and Hereford Ranch features picture of Bambi E.; Appaloosa News,  February 1976, “Bambi E., Noted Sire Dies in S.D.” ;  Sundance Newsletter, September 1989, “Bambi E. F2497 , 1954-1975”.

Information concerning Bambi E can also be found in: Sundance Newsletter, September 1994, “Fun In Custer” by Jennifer L. Wardrop; The Legacy of the Nez Perce Spotted Horse, by Charles and Laurelle Cole, section III  “The Era of the Foundation Appaloosa”, “Sundance 500” chapter pp43-44; Appaloosa Warrior Horse by Margo Weise, “Those Great Northern Leopards” page 79; Spotted Pride by Frank Holmes, Chapter 5 “Sundance F500”, page 49; The American Appaloosa Anthology by Palmer Wagner, Chapter 19 pp377-380; Appaloosa Journal, February 1988, “Full Circle” by Frank Holmes; Sundance Newsletter, August 1975; Sundance Newsletter, March 1994; Pictured in full page advertisement for Sundance 500 Breeders Association-advertising example from Appaloosa News Ad-Maker brochure; Today’s Horse Magazine, April 2007, www.todayshorse.net ; Appaloosa News,  June 1969, “Accent On Spots” by Mary P. Hare; Appaloosa News, January 1968, pages 44-46, “Way-Lo Acres-- From Hobby To Business” by Barbara Bartley; Sundance Newsletter, November/December 2002, “Sully’s Belle” by Sherry Byrd; Sundance Newsletter, November/December 2001, “Sunspot’s Eclipse- The Spirit of a Leopard Horse”, by Gala Argent; Sundance Newsletter, July/August 2002, “Mauhaska T20001” by Sherry Byrd; Sundance Newsletter, May/June 2005, July/August 2005, September/October 2005, November/December 2005, “Ha-Dar-Shado 177521”, by Sherry Byrd; Sundance Newsletter, February/March 1998, “Sully’s Comet T16063”, by Sundance Historical Committee; Appaloosa News, October 1975, pages 24-25, “Sundance F500” by Mary Manley and reprinted in the Winter 1989 issue of The AraAppaloosa;  Appaloosa News, March 1970, “Caldwells Help Convert The Unbeliever”, by Linda McKay; Sundance ‘500’ Newsletter, October 1991, “The Legacy” by Lee Warne; Spotted Horse, April 1979, “Yesterday’s Heritage… Today’s Horses”, by Mary-Charlotte Sealy [photo of Sully’s Lancer and Lee Warne];  Appaloosa Racing Record, Volume 1-2, 1962-1965, Sully’s Southern Rebel, 9-1962 race starter

5.List outstanding get or produce and their accomplishments (if stallion or mare):
Sully’s Pattern (Stallion) – 1st Most colorful Mount & Rider 6/65 Sioux Nations Show; 1st cutting 5/65 Sioux nations Show; 2nd Junior Reining 5/65 Sioux Nations Show; Multiple Grand Champion halter & halter winner; 1965 Center of the Nation High Point Champion – aged stallion, cutting, junior reining, most colorful mount & rider; Multiple Grand Champion halter stallion C.O.N. shows; Grand Champion South Dakota State Fair
Sully’s Baby Grand (Mare) – 1st bareback children’s pleasure 6/65 Sioux Nations Show; 3rd Most Colorful Mount & Rider 6/65 Sioux Nations Show; 1963 Center of the Nation Reserve Year End Champion Mare; Grand Champion Mare 7/68 Sioux Empire Appaloosa Show; Center of the Nation ApHC High Point Halter Mare; 1st – halter South Dakota State Fair
Way Lo’s Sully Sundance (Stallion) – 2nd yearling & two-year old stallions Butler County Saddle Club show; Multiple yearling halter winner; Multiple Grand and Reserve Champion halter stallion; 1966 PAA Reserve Year End Champion 2-year-old stallion
Sully’s Nugget  – 1967 National Champion states race horse; 2nd senior reining 6/65 Sioux Nations Show; 2nd Camas Prairie stump 6/65 Sioux Nations Show; 1965 Center of the Nation High Point Performance Horse; 1st reining and calf roping 17th (1965) Annual Ft. Meade Horse Show (SD); 1965 World Show placed 4th rope race; 1966 National Western Stock Show placed 5th calf roping; 1970 Center of the Nation High Point Champion – Nez Perce stakes; 1970 Center of the Nation Reserve High Point Champion Camas Prairie stumps; 1970 Center of the Nation Champion gymkhana horse; 1965 Center of the Nation High Point Performance Horse; Winner – senior reining, calf roping, poles; multiple winner – youth stakes
Sully’s Sundown (Stallion) – 1st two-year old stallions and Reserve Champion Stallion 1965 South Dakota State Fair; C.O.N. high point 3-year-old stallion
Sully’s Southern Rebel – ApHC Race Starter
Sully’s Little Sparkle (Mare) – Multiple Grand Champion halter at C.O.N. Shows; 1st three-year-old mare and Grand Champion Mare 6/63 C.O.N. Show; 2nd most colorful mount & rider and calf roping 6/63 C.O.N. Show; Grand Champion Mare 1963 and 1964 South Dakota State Fair; 1st and Reserve Grand Champion 1962 Minnesota State Fair; Grand Champion 1964 Ak-Sar-Ben Show; Multiple Performance Champion; Multiple Champion Halter – Sioux Nations; 1966 PAA Year End Champion Aged Mare; 1966 PAA Overall Reserve Grand Champion Halter Mare
Sully’s Angela (Mare) – 1st yearling and two-year old fillies Butler County Saddle Club Show; Multiple Grand Champion halter mare; Grand Champion Performance Mare 11/66 PAA Show; 1966 PAA Year End Champion 3-year-old halter mare; 1966 PAA Overall Grand Champion Mare; Champion junior pleasure horse
K’s Hi Spot  – 2X High Point rope race horse
Peter K Sundance – Cutting winner
Sully B (Stallion) – 1961 National Champion stock horse (reining); 1962 National Champion junior cutting; 1962 Texas ApHC Cutting Champion; Texas ApHC Performance champion; Texas ApHC Regional ROM earner – halter, cutting, reining, western pleasure; 1st junior reining 1961 San Antonio stock Show; 1st 3-year-old Stallions and 2nd Reining – 1961 Southwestern Expo and Fat Stock Show; 1st 2-year-old Stallions Austin, TX Appaloosa Show
Sully’s Hummingbird (Mare) – 1970 Center of the Nation Year End Champion – aged mare and Camas Prairie stumps; 1970 Center of the Nation Reserve Year End Champion – gymkhana and halter mare; Reserve Champion Mare 7/66 Sioux Empire Appaloosa Show; Grand Champion halter mare and Champion Race Horse 1965 Sioux Empire Appaloosa Show; Reserve Champion Mare 7/68 Sioux Empire Appaloosa Show; 1st and Grand Champion Mare South Dakota State Fair
Sully Pebbles (Mare) – Multiple Reserve Champion halter mare; Keystone ApHC Appaloosa Queen mount; 1966 PAA Year End Champion 2-year old Filly; North Huntingdon Twp. Horseman’s Assn. Reserve Champion Mare; Ridden in Ronald Regan’s Inaugural Parade January 20, 1981
Bambi’s Squaw Penny (Mare) – 1st English Pleasure
Santee Sweetheart (Mare) – Year End Champion produce of dam 1974-1975 Center of the Nation
Sully’s Sailor (Stallion) – 2nd get of sire 7/66 Sioux Nation Appaloosa Show; 1st trail Northwest Appaloosa Regional State Fair (MT); 2nd get of sire and 3rd men’s western pleasure Northwest Appaloosa regional State Fair (MT); 1st get of sire Western Montana Appaloosa Show
Bambi’s Jungle Flower – Short race winner
Sully’s Bambi J – Winner – trail, halter, stock horse
Sully’s Diamond – National Reserve Youth Performance Champion
Sully’s Prairie Moon (Mare) – 1st yearling mares 6/63 CON Show
Sully’s Honeysuckle B (Mare) – 1st aged mares and Grand Champion Mare 6/65 17th Annual Ft. Meade Horse Show (SD); 1965 CON High Point Mare

6.Other significant and pertinent history:

The Bambi E. line, which started with the P.S. (Doc) Edwards program, traversed its way into other notable breeding programs that also impacted the ApHC and the Appaloosa industry over the years. Bambi E. and the “Sully” line became famous under the ownership of rancher/businessman Lee [Leland] Warne, who was a Charter member (#56) of Sundance F500, served on the Sundance Board of Directors in the early 1980s, and was inducted into the ApHC Hall of Fame in 2002. Warne was an ApHC member since 1958, was awarded the ApHC Bronze Medallion Breeder Award in 1982 and was inducted into the South Dakota Agricultural Hall of Fame in 1988. Some of the programs that used and built upon Warne’s “Sully” line influence include: W.H. (Army) Armstrong’s Coffee Cup Ranches in Montana , Wayne & Lois Wyant’s WayLo Acres in Pennsylvania, Brindabella Farms in Missouri, Don and Mary Ulrich’s program in Wyoming, Money Creek Ranch in Minnesota, J.E. Baker in Oklahoma, Qu’Appelle Appaloosa Ranch in Saskatchewan, John L. Baker’s Vitriak Acres (Hydaway) in Pennsylvania, Alice Pratt’s [Sundance Newsletter, February 1993] program in Oregon, Vince and Corrine Rawlin’s Cor-Vin Corral in Ohio, Donnie and Mary Clark’s Castle Hill Farm in Missouri, Connie Doubet’s Marsh Acres Farms in Pennsylvania, Fred Piehl’s Pan Am Acres in Wisconsin, Decker’s Red Eagle Appaloosas (DREA) in Oregon, Schafer Appaloosas in Missouri, ApHC Director Gene Carr’s ‘Santee’ program in South Dakota, Charles and Doris Caldwell’s [Nugget Jim] program in Oklahoma, Richard Larson’s L-Cedar program, Garvin Heights, and Don, Mary and George Ulrich Jr’s Ulrich Village Farms in Ohio, to name a few.

Bambi E. progeny  were in the forefront in venues other than the show ring. Lee Warne’s daughter Nancy, earned the South Dakota Rodeo Association’s “Rookie of the Year” award riding Sully’s Hummingbird. Sully’s Hummingbird was the 1970 Center of the Nation Regional High Point Aged Mare, High Point Stumps Race Horse, and Reserve Champion High Point Mare. Tom Eliason trained Warne’s horses and the Warne family for showing, during the early years of the program. Belinda “Binny” Hoak, rode Sully Pebbles, when she earned the title Keystone ApHC ‘Appaloosa Queen’.  Sully Pebbles was also ridden in the Inaugural Parade for the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, by owners Terry Fram. Bambi E. daughter June’s Pride was co-owned by Joe Foss, South Dakota Governor and American Football League Commissioner.

Bambi E., who was used mainly as a ranch horse and herd sire, was seen in numerous advertisements for many years throughout the Appaloosa industry. Almost all of the early advertisements revolved around Warne’s Appaloosa and Hereford Ranch, later to become Warne‘s Appaloosa Ranch in ads in the late 1980s.  Warne not only advertised in the Sundance Newsletters from the 1960s into the 1990s, but also in the Western Horseman during the 1980s with the Sundance share-an-ad campaigns.Bambi E. was also advertised in such publications as the 1975 Center of the Nation Breeders Directory, and the 23rd (1970) National Show Book. Bambi E., said to be undefeated in open reining, was promoted in  the Utah ApHC Stallion Service Auction. Bambi E. can also be found  listed in the Sundance 500 Association Geographic Stallion Directory, published in the February 1974 issue of the Appaloosa News, along with several of his descendants, as well as in Sundance 500 Breeders Association advertisements in various issues of the Appaloosa News, during the late 1960s. Bambi E. was also promoted on the back of decks of playing cards.

Progeny of Bambi E. have been advertised and promoted for decades and continue to be right up to present time. Many Bambi E. progeny could be found pictured in the ‘Show Results’ section of numerous Appaloosa News magazines. Two time National Champion son, Sully B, was advertised in Frank Fritche’s (Arlington, TX) Appaloosa Journal magazine April 1960 and August 1960 (back cover). Show results and photos can also be found in the late 1960s  issues of Horse Bits… All Breeds News Bulletin and  Horse & Show- America‘s All Breed Horse Magazine, pertaining to Sully line horses showing in KAC and PAA shows. Advertisements with loud colored Bambi E descendants from the Ulrich Ranch were seen from the 1980s forward, as were advertisements for Ha-Dar Shado and his colorful progeny. Issues of the ICAA Report and the AraAppaloosa, newsletters for the International Colored Appaloosa Association (ICAA) and the AraAppaloosa and Foundation Breeders International (AAFBI) respectively, also carry advertisements of Bambi E. descendants.
Bambi E. descendants have been found in many noted Appaloosa sales throughout the country over the years, including ApHC National Sales, ADA Appaloosa Sale, Fred N. Kimmel, INC. Horse Sale (NY), Annual Conditioned Appaloosa Sale in Spencer, Iowa, Vintage International Sale, Sioux Empire Breeders Sale, Rimwold Production Sale (PA), White Sulphur Springs Appaloosa Farm Sale(KY), and the Central Indiana Appaloosa Regional Consignment Sale.  Sully’s Blueprint, a halter winner, was the high selling stallion at the first S.C.A.H.A. Sale in 1970. Solid Gold Futurity Stallion Service Sales, The Select $100,000 Futurity Stallion Service Sale, Appaloosa Reining Horse Association Stallion Service Sale, Colorado Ranger Horse Association [CRHA] Stallion Service Auction and the Sundance Stallion Service have all had Bambi E. descendants available to breeders.

7.Additional data and/or comments:

Progeny of Bambi E. continue to this day, as steadfast contributors to the growth and popularity of the breed. From the early years of the “Sully” line until now, the progeny of Bambi E. continue to shine in the  show venues as well as the breeding shed. The “Sully” line has show records at all levels of showing (National, World Playoffs, Regional, open) in halter, mare and foal, broodmares, get of sire, youth and adult showmanship, most colorful, youth and adult cutting, reining, western pleasure, English pleasure (saddle seat and hunt seat), trail, stock horse, working cow horse, heading, youth and adult stumps, youth and adult stakes, barrels, rope race, calf roping, team roping, steer daubing, hunter, English pleasure (hunt seat), hunter in hand, equitation, western horsemanship, team penning, costume, youth walk/trot, leadline, Halter Futurity winners, open and non-pro, dressage, as well as outside the show rings in racing, eventing, endurance and competitive trail.

From early race starters Sully’s Hettie and Sully‘s Southern Rebel, to the 1965 Sioux Empire Appaloosa Horse Show Champion [short] Race Horse Sully’s Hummingbird, to short Race Winner Bambi’s Jungle Flower, to Roman Shadows, a multiple Stakes Winner, Regional High Money Earning Race Horse and Regional Overall Champion Race Horse, the Bambi E. family line has been a part of Appaloosa racing. Skip’s Pawnee, trained by renowned trainer Joey Jorgenson, was the 1975 CON Junior Grand Champion Stallion, an ApHCC National Champion Reining Horse, and the only Appaloosa to win open reining twice (1978 and 1979) at the Minnesota State Fair.  Ring Lord was a 1986 “Spotlight Award Winner” (done by the Appaloosa News), earned a Bronze Medallion in performance, was named the 1986 Most Versatile Horse at the World Show, was pictured in the 1986 National Show results in the September 1986 issue of the Appaloosa World, and  was advertised in the July 1980 Appaloosa News.  SRU Pile of Clouds is the 2002 World Champion junior judged heading horse, the 2001 Reserve National Champion junior working cow horse, Versatility Champion, Bronze Medallion earner in performance and a Silver Medallion earner in competitive trail.  Sully’s Lancer, 1970 CON High Point 2-year-old Stallion, is a Medallion Winner and GEAR get of sire Champion, who has sired 4 ROM earners, a Bronze Medallion Winner , a National Champion, Regional Champions, and halter and performance points earners.  4JA Sun Banner  won in western riding, senior cutting, rope race, and senior reining, and was named High Point Performance Horse and 2X Reserve High Point Performance Horse in only 3 outings.  Sully’s Pattern, a multiple Grand Champion, was the 1965 CON High Point Cutting Horse, High Point Junior Reining Horse, High Point Most Colorful Mount, and High Point Aged Stallion.  Jinny Chic was a regional Halter Champion with wins in pleasure, stumps and stakes.

Numerous ROM earners, Medallion winners, Superior Achievement Certificate earners, GEAR Certificate of Achievement earners, Regional Champions, and open/all breed association Champions come from the Bambi E line, as varied in their abilities as in their color patterns.